Clean Up

Helen Houston chair of the Moray Firth Partnership, volunteer pilots Dave Brown and Paul Horth and Marie Stanton Highland Park, launch the SCRAPbook coastal mapping in Orkney

Your efforts across Scotland

Are you out cleaning your local area of coast regularly? Have you checked out the SCRAPbook map? Are you looking for a challenge?

If any of the above apply, then we want to hear from you!

In order to really appreciate the amount of effort that goes into cleaning our beautiful Scottish coast, and to start to fully understand the locations of hotspots and litter sinks around our country, we need to collect as much information as possible from those that are out on the frontline cleaning.

We want to hear your #TrashTales so please share your stories and photos and tag us on Facebook @SCRAPbookScotland, Twitter @SCRAPbook_Scot, and Instagram @scrapbookscotland.

Please tell us:

  • Where you cleaned
  • When you cleaned
  • Amount of litter collected (preferably number of bin bags but weight too if possible)
  • What was litter mainly made up of?
  • Anything unusual or interesting? and crucially,
  • “Before and After” pictures of your cleans

#mapitandscrapit #ScrapbookScotland

We are encouraging everyone, from individuals to big businesses, from beach cleaning groups to kayaking clubs, to engage with the map and use it as a tool to focus their cleaning efforts to areas that need it the most.

Our efforts in Argyll

As of March, we have two Marine Litter Officers, based in Oban, who will be working with local businesses, groups and boat owners, to co-ordinate a targeted clean-up of the north Argyll coast. Their aim is to find solutions to removing larger items that may need specialist equipment for uplift and finding ways to reach areas of coast that are inaccessible by conventional methods. We spotted litter in lower intensities at other locations, which can be easily accessed.

Thank you to Marine Scotland, Sea Solutions Argyll, and Argyll and Bute Council for their invaluable support.

SCRAPbook Engagement Officer, Sally Tapp, said:
“The map has already been used to clean up parts of the coast that haven’t been noticed before and it’s amazing to see so many people using the map and thinking of inventive ways to approach cleaning up our coast.”

You can follow Susan and Jamie’s adventures on Facebook, join in the rubbish conversation 😊 or get in touch at

Our efforts in Orkney

Thanks to the amazing partnership with Highland Park just announced, SCRAPbook is now able to venture out to the Orkney Isles.

Our pilots have started flying the coasts of all 71 of these beautiful islands in search of coastal litter. This will generate many more images that will need to be classified so if you’d like to be one of our citizen scientist volunteers, please email

We are particularly keen to find Orkney residents to help with this as we would like as much local ownership of the project as possible!

We will be engaging with Highland Park distillery staff, local communities and businesses to promote use of the map and facilitate targeted cleans in areas that the map identifies as in particular need of cleaning.

Vicky Junik, MFP, project partner, said:

“The easier it is to find out where the litter is, the easier it is to mobilise clean-up efforts, and we’ve tried to focus on the less popular or harder to reach parts of the coastline.”

Our planes will be flying the coast over the coming months so keep your eyes on the skies and see if you can spot our pilots overhead and give us a shout on social media!

With the support of Highland Park and the help of volunteers on the islands we hope to make a real and lasting difference to clean up the coast of the Orkney Isles.